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It’s the same with being transgender, as one can ignore, hide, or embrace what distinguishes them from a cisgender identity, but it others will allow it to rule their interactions.People will interact with trans* people in accordance to essentialized notions of sexual orientation and relegate trans* bodies to sexual fetishism.I saw her do something that triggered a muscle memory from my past: She covers her face.This is emblematic for the teenage stage of life where you think everyone is always watching you.Growing into a transgender identity isn’t a quick and magical process many people imagine, rather, it’s a very long and awkward transition.A transition with the destination constantly changing.(Trigger Warning for trans* transition experiences) Katawa Shoujo doesn’t make anything easy.

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Then there was the social anxiety, some that stays with me today.The unfortunate truth is Hanako and transgender people know they are often viewed only through what makes them exotic, and once it becomes familiar, interest fades.What is lamentable is how oblivious Hisao is to this, and how players can excise their empathy for his situation without being aware of their contribution to the systemic oppression of those exotified.One of the most painful experiences is claiming an identity that others don’t see or believe.Without the aid of fashion tips and makeup, people in my day-to-day life wouldn’t see me as a woman, and I lived that for a long time. I liked scarves, straightened my hair and grew out long bangs, tried to make a posture where I hid my jaw line with my hand seem natural.

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