Sedating children for

Occasionally, topical steroids or calcineurin inhibitors are used for relief of skin manifestations.

The most important in the management of Ad is rehydration of the skin.

• Clothing: avoidance of skin contact with irritating fibres (wool, large fiber textiles); do not use tight and very warm clothing to avoid excessive sweating. • Sun exposure: no specific restriction with careful use.

New non-irritating clothing designed for AD children is currently being evaluated. • Cool temperature in the bedroom and avoidance of many bed covers. Usually helpful because of anti-inflammatory effect and improvement of epidermal barrier.

Summer holidays in high altitude or at beach resorts are encouraged. If sweating induces flares of AD, progressive adaptation to exercise. • Cleansing and Rehydration The most important step in management of AD is rehydration.

Adequate rehydration preserves the stratum corneum barrier, reducing the direct effects of irritants and allergens and improving the effect of topically applied therapies.

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