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When something surprises a baby, like an object not ... = Bill name = Vi name = Bill .= Jeri .daughter.= Mark .name = Greg .name = Tim .name = Mark .name = Josh .= Kristine .= Blake .= Liah Output is like this: type.0 = Lunch time.0 = menu.0.entree.0 = salad menu.0.maincourse.00 = ships menu.0.maincourse.01 = steak menu.0.maincourse.0 = menu.0.maincourse.10 = fisch menu.0.maincourse.11 = rice menu.0.maincourse.1 = menu.0.maincourse.20 = wine menu.0.maincourse.21 = cheese menu.0.maincourse.2 = menu.0 = (Not beautiful, but it solved my case...) use this If you want to view the HTML as well as data. This code displays the HTML as Text in a Text Area, and also display all other a data along side as an array perfect for debugging (xml with html).The volunteers were split into five groups, each of which saw a series of video with a different object -- a coin, a ball, a poker chip, a silk handkerchief or a crayon.

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I feel as if I am asking, "Have you been swimming repeatedly this month? I would like you to tell me if I'm right about something. In my variety of English, at least, and I think in general, you could say both 'to' or 'for' to fly to London, but 'to' is much more common.

Much of sleight of hand magic is about misdirecting people about the location of an object, and there is a growing body of psychological research about how magicians cause our minds to override the input of our senses.

'We wanted to go further and see whether magicians' misdirection techniques could be used to induce the misperception of 'phantom' objects -- could a magician make us 'see' something that was never there.' 420 volunteers watched a series of five silent videos, each showing part of a magic act, and immediately afterwards were asked to describe what they had seen and rate how surprising, impossible and magical it had been.

Number one sounds like the present perfect continuous. François Fiset Hello Sir I did the exercises given above. FOR eg They flew for London not to London; She was late for school not to school.; Is this the train for London? As far as I know there is no general rule or set of rules that will help you know which is correct in each situation.

When using to/for is there any rule other than the the types of verbs we use when using to/for such as: when we are talking about direction we use 'to' and 'for' when we talk about location. Would you please explain the reason or any rule for this difference. Hello Andrew international, Prepositions are used highly irregularly in English.

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