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David Mueller (sometimes known as "Jackson" on KYGO Radio).

Have you ever heard of, or do you know anything about, a lawsuit between a former Denver radio DJ, David Mueller (known on air as "Jackson"), and singer Taylor Swift? Have you ever seen any pictures related to a lawsuit or dispute between David Mueller and Taylor Swift? Have you formed any opinion about a lawsuit or dispute between David Mueller and Taylor Swift? Please indicate whether you know any of these people or entities, and if so, explain how.

I was just very confused by that, because I knew that there was nothing Formation-esque or Lemonade-esque about the video. It boggles my mind that people are deciding whether or not I'm down enough, black enough." He added he has an issue with those criticizing his BFF for not speaking out politically by bringing up Kanye West: "Yeah, many people have been tweeting me, 'She supports Trump! ' They're making this huge assumption, when Taylor has never to my knowledge come out and said anything about her being pro-Trump. I don't do things for money." And he also had some words for those viewers who thought Taylor might be stealing from Beyoncé just by watching that initial video teaser: "They saw a clip, just a few seconds, that featured Taylor Swift standing in a line of dancers, and they started forming all types of conclusions. So it's just really difficult for me to understand why it is an issue for people, a legitimate issue, that I have white friends, and that Taylor Swift happens to be one of my many white friends... I was proud to be there, but money was not a factor for me. But I felt like these were two completely different lanes." The Kinky Boots performer explained: "I have gotten comments from people who are upset and have literally said the fact that I am friends with a white person is a problem, because white people don't possess the ability to love or ever truly care about black people. My whole brand, everything that I stand for and everything I've always stood for, is equality and love.A total of eight jurors will be selected from a pool of 60, and each were asked 35 questions, focusing on whether they are fans of Swift and whether they saw the photo of Mueller and the now-27-year-old. If I had a do-over, I would absolutely be there for another eight hours, in heels, dancing with her." And you can read the rest of his interview HERE!Each side believes the snap will determine if an inappropriate touch occurred. So now that you've heard what Todrick has to say, how do U feel?? ICYMI, the 47-year-old sat down for a candid interview with the Rap Radar podcast last week during which he talked about the elevator incident with Solange AND shut down accusations of using an anti-Semitic lyric in The Story of O. As a refresher, the lyric in question from the rapper's album goes: "You [...] JAY-Z is defending himself!

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    However, that's no excuse for the public or Congress to turn a blind eye to unlawful or immoral operations—and the kind of mass surveillance happening under Section 215 of the Patriot Act right now is very much unlawful: the Courts ruled just two weeks ago that not only are these activities illegal, but they have been since the day the programs began.