Did diane keaton dating keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves, 48, is a Canadian actor, best known for his roles in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", "Speed", "Point Break" and the science fiction-action trilogy "The Matrix". Let us examine Keanu Reeves' dating history below...unknown date Keanu Reeves was rumored to be dating Alan Cumming.Emma Kearney, Claire Forlani, Lynn Collins, Kelli Garner, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, Martha Higareda, Winona Ryder, Parker Posey, Tinny Woodall, Cameron Diaz, China Chow, Roger Garth, and Jamie Clayton are all on the list of alleged romances Keanu Reeves may have had.also reported that he had relationships with Melissa Reigel, Jill Schoelen, Sofia Coppola, Sandra Bullock, Amanda De Cadenet, Jennifer Syme, Diane Keaton, and Charlize Theron.Reeves, embarrassed by Cumming remark, followed that up with a crude note about his partner's surname, "Forget Tom, Alan... " The crowd, made up of a variety of cross-dressers, transvestites, lesbians and business men in suits, squealed throughout most of the flashy affair.Gerry Adelstein, founder of the "Gay Men for America" Organization took the opportunity to re-integrate their agenda, "If we can put a man on the moon, why can't one man tell another man that he loves him without the government getting involved?Jennifer died in a car accident in 2001.2004Keanu Reeves was rumored to be dating prostitute/kiss and tell groupie best known for shagging John Terry Emma Kearney.

Cumming, star of such films as "Spy Kids" and "X-Men 2" had always been openly bi-sexual, but had never married before. With its February 2017 release date, the film is expected to start the year off right! Keanu Reeves keeps his life very private and perhaps this is the reason people are wondering who he’s dated.Reeves is back in action and its caused people to become curious about his personal life. Since the late eighties until 2015, Reeves has been rumored to be in relationships with various women, including an engagement to Autumn Macintosh in 2005. These are the questions swirling around as the quiet and private actor has suddenly returned to the spotlight.Other women Reeves has been rumored to have dated include a very lengthy list!

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