Dating with herpes in vancouver

It just means he may be a victum of circumstance, and that is a sadthing.

The only way to know you have herpes is when the little sore surface and become erritable, then you can go to the doctor and have them looked at and get meds for it.

You could haveit and not know and pass it onto someone and they could get the outbreak, even though youhave never had an outbreak.

The guy may not have known were he got it from, that does not mean he is dirty in any way or that he is a player.

It is a selfish world and we must take care of ourselves when it comes to our health and insist on the use of condoms. Unless you are in a.....totally momogamous relationship.

If you find a partner that refuses, then move on to the next, cuz they dont care enough about you or themselves............:wink UMMMM ...... Play safe people,......ya won't be playin at just for the enquiring minds, How do you cure aids or even the herpes virus, not to mention clymidia?

I know of lots of couples who are married - one is positive, the other is not, and they are fine. There are lots of dating websites for people who are herpes positive. Probably how she got to where she was in her profession. Not sure how she got my ex under her spell but that was it. I dont have a risky lifestyle, not into drugs and whatever... Always helps to know how to spot a possible inflection... I found your post a bit, um, too graphic, and I disagree with you.

I'm going to stick my neck out, because I hate hypocrisy, and tell you all that I contracted herpes this year, from a man whom I was in mutual love with, and who didn't know he had it or so he claimed. It's been devastating - the stigma from this illness is HUGE - as evidenced from the "EWWW" comment.I agree that this man has guts to reveal that he has herpes.By doing so, I think probably he'll get responses from women who also have herpes.There are not different "strains" - there is just herpes 1 (cold sores) which 90% of us have the antibodies to, and is usually oral, and herpes 2 which is usually genital.Because of the prevalence of oral sex, in some countries, herpes 1 on the genitals is the fastest growing type of herpes.

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